Choral Repertoire

Works assembled from the shared choral tradition of the Eastern Churches of Slavic origin, as rendered by some of the great choirs of the Byzantine-Ruthenian Metropolitan Church of Pittsburgh (USA) currently and in years past, now in occasional use in our parish.

The restoration of this work is dedicated to the faithful, dedicated cantors and choirmasters who nurtured the development of these great choirs over the years, especially those who have gone to their eternal rest and are remembered here on our Eternal Memory! page. We honor them by restoring and remastering some of these magnificent works for continued use and appreciation of the faithful.

We also honor them by continuing the tradition of producing choral settings from and befitting of our rich musical heritage.

Liturgy of the Word

Invocation of the Holy Spirit (Duch Svjatyj snidet na t'a) [English (SATB)]

Chant for Long Life (Mnóhol'itstvije)

Sotvori Hospodi - Mnóhaja L'ita [Slavonic (SATB)]